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Corporate Concierge Provider Gets Help from InfoStreet's New Web-delivered CRM Application


DENVER (April 22, 2008) - Todd Wheeler, owner of Concierge Colorado and Hospital Concierge of America, believes that top-level service is hard to find but also essential to the well-being and productivity of today's corporate America. In fact, he's dedicated a lifetime to communicating this message and has built several successful businesses around this devotion to excellence and care. In today's highly competitive business environment, companies demand top performance of their employees to further the bottom line, however, the most successful companies understand that this dedication to service goes both ways. Companies who actively take care of their employees reap the benefit through increased sales and productivity, stronger employee retention and a more loyal and proactive team that goes the proverbial "extra mile" with their customers - that elusive intangible that often separates the winners from the losers in the business world.

"Companies today are doing more work with fewer people, creating a longer workweek and increased stress," explains Todd Wheeler, CEO of Concierge Colorado. "Trying to balance a career and personal life is often overwhelming. As a result, the most successful companies are working to change this model. In fact, over one-third of Fortune Magazine's Top 100 Companies To Work For offer concierge services."

In order to ensure that his extensively trained and professional staff is able to work efficiently and manage the 30,000 plus requests they receive each year, Wheeler makes use of the latest Web-delivered software applications, including StreetSmart's newest CRM v2 application. In his industry, mistakes are simply unacceptable - not even once. To keep on top of the myriad of clients, services and projects, his staff uses a series of productivity applications from InfoStreet. Called StreetSmart, this suite of Web-based applications include portal access, file sharing, shared calendaring, scheduling, tasks, email and CRM. Since the applications are delivered via a secure Web browser, employees are able to access their entire "desktop" in real-time from any location - particularly handy for those urgent 2:00 am requests that invariably crop up.

Wheeler elaborates, "With thousands of customers and tens of thousands of requests per year we needed a system to manage and track all of the idiosyncrasies and details of these tasks and produce reports in real-time." Wheeler says that they searched far and wide when investigating an all-encompassing application that would fulfill their diverse needs. "With StreetSmart, we were able to customize the system for the concierge industry. There is nothing else that even comes close to this software that is not cumbersome and hard to use. With Street Smart in place, we can have people up and running and using the system to Accelerate the Pace of Their Success in less than an hour."

Since implementing this technology, Concierge Colorado says that they've seen marked increases in efficiency, tracking, reporting, management, sales, operations and communications, both internally and with their remote sites. In fact, Wheeler estimates that their increased efficiencies have allowed them to be more competitive in the marketplace and can be directly attributed to about a 30-percent increase in business since the implementation.

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