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Document Storage with DigitalSafe and SkyDesktop


TARZANA, Calif. (8/25/2014) – Security is a major concern for every small business. Documents, notes, and emails all have the potential to contain sensitive information that need to be safeguarded. Understanding the importance of security and privacy, InfoStreet Inc. has partnered with GlobeX Data SA, the maker of DigitalSafe, to bring their secure document storage and sharing app to the SkyAppMarket, SkyDesktop’s cloud app marketplace. SkyDesktop is a cloud desktop where users can store, manage, and access all of their files and cloud apps in one location, and with one login. DigitalSafe provides small businesses a peace of mine with private and secure document storage, file-sharing, encrypted email, and password management.

“Security has always been a primary concern for every company, but privacy is also a major consideration,” said Alain Ghiai, CEO of GlobeX Data. “DigitalSafe will give SkyDesktop users a secure, private option for storing and sharing their most sensitive documents and emails.”

With data centers located in Switzerland, DigitalSafe offers businesses Swiss privacy and military-grade encryption. User data is protected by the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (FADP) as well as the Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance, providing small businesses with the strongest privacy protection in the world. With DigitalSafe, users can upload documents, which are encrypted and scanned for viruses, then share the documents securely with partners, clients, and employees. All emails sent within DigitalSafe, including communications with non-DigitalSafe email users, are encrypted and secure. In addition, users can create notes using pre-loaded note templates, and generate and manage passwords for use with any login.

“Small businesses understand the importance of security, but may not know the best ways of attaining that security,” said Siamak Farah, CEO of InfoStreet. “This is precisely why SkyDesktop has partnered with DigitalSafe. Together, we’re enabling companies to take advantage of one of the strongest security and privacy available, ensuring that all of their important data is kept safe and secure.”

“We are pleased to bring the DigitalSafe file storage and sharing platform to the SkyAppMarket cloud app marketplace. DigitalSafe is created with enterprise users in mind, delivering the most private, secure and reliable file and communications system possible. We look forward to making DigitalSafe available to businesses of all sizes as part of SkyAppMarket,” said GlobeX Data Chief Executive Officer Alain Ghiai.

DigitalSafe is coming soon to the SkyAppMarket and will offer SkyDesktop users private and secure document storage, file-sharing and secure email for an affordable monthly price. Extended versions, with additional features and room for more employees, will also be available.



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