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Eliminate the Hiring Guesswork with Cangrade and SkyDesktop


TARZANA, Calif. (7/22/2014) – Finding and hiring quality employees requires a certain amount of risk and a lot of hard work. Will a new employee will fit into the company culture? Will the employee’s skills and knowledge appropriately add to the company’s value? How can we sufficiently qualify candidates before hiring them? Small businesses can now easily answer the hardest questions with Cangrade, the newest solution introduced by InfoStreet Inc., to the SkyAppMarket, SkyDesktop’s cloud app marketplace. SkyDesktop is a cloud desktop where users can store, manage, and access all of their files and cloud apps in one location, and with one login. Cangrade’s online recruitment software gives users a highly predictive and successful way to narrow the candidate field and find the right person for the right position, without the guesswork.

“Cangrade is more than just a small improvement for hiring managers in small businesses,” said Gershon Goren, CEO of Cangrade. “It redefines the way most businesses hire. We’re excited to offer SkyDesktop users the ability to find the perfect team member, every time, all the time.”

With the use of highly specialized and intuitive skill and aptitude tests, Cangrade offers an easy and scientifically validated option to grade candidates based on their predicted job performance. Designed by a team of top psychologists and powered by robust technology, Cangrade’s personality and skills tests are far more accurate at pinpointing talented and dedicated individuals than the traditional methods of employment screening. Cangrade also offers several powerful tools that can help streamline hiring by organizing and evaluating candidates, setting up intelligent hiring criteria, and sharing job postings.

“If you don’t have a team, you don’t have a business! Having a team that is talented, intelligent and complements each other is critical to the success of any business.” said Siamak Farah, CEO of InfoStreet. “With Cangrade on SkyDesktop, companies will be able to hire smarter and build an even more successful team.”

Cangrade is now available in the SkyAppMarket and offers SkyDesktop users a 30-day free trial. Extended versions, with additional features and room for more employees, are also available.

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