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Find Out What’s Next for Business After Windows


TARZANA, Calif. (June 20, 2014) - Siamak Farah, CEO and founder of InfoStreet Inc., and Rick Chapman, Managing Editor and Publisher at SoftLetter, invite you to join them at Business After Windows, the first-ever conference dedicated to exploring the future of the operating system, the new cloud, and the Internet of Things in a post-Windows environment. On November 11, 2014 in Foster City, California, Business After Windows will feature cutting-edge presentations that detail where the cloud is heading over the next five to ten years and how these changes will impact business and society alike. Business After Windows will offer attendees a unique opportunity to network with some of the industry’s top technologists as well as interact with the passionate visionaries who have already begun propelling themselves forward into this new device-independent world.

Business After Windows was born of the idea that the traditional operating system is the past, made irrelevant by the explosion of the cloud. Today, personal environments and unique user experiences govern adoption and use – not the platform or the device. The monolithic OS has been replaced and outdone by the anytime, anywhere, any-device access that is the cloud. This conference will analyze the post-Windows alternatives that are evolving as they are being written, and illustrate and provide insight into how the operating system of the future will be device-agnostic, transparent, non-intrusive, and non destructive from the standpoint of preserving the user’s personalized work environment.

To register for the conference or to submit an application to speak, visit: Early bird pricing will be available until October 1.

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