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Improve collaboration with Prowork and SkyDesktop

TARZANA, Calif. (2/03/2014) – Project management is an important process for any small business. To flourish, or even to just keep up with business demands, teams need to be able to communicate effectively , stay on track, and meet goals. Project management applications are indispensible to this process, and the easier an app is to use, the better. With this in mind, InfoStreet Inc. has partnered with Prowork to bring their online collaboration software to the SkyAppMarket, SkyDesktop’s cloud app marketplace. SkyDesktop is a cloud desktop where users can store, manage, and access all of their files and cloud apps in one location, and with one login. Prowork is a project collaboration app that lets teams easily manage their projects in the cloud.

“Team project collaboration is an integral part of business, but project management applications tend to be too complicated and bulky for the small business taste,” said Francis Onwumere, CEO of Prowork. “We’re are focused on providing SkyDesktop users the ability to effectively manage projects easily, without unnecessary complexity.”

With Prowork, users can create new projects in seconds by selecting a project name, adding team members to the project, and creating related tasks and due dates. Once tasks are created, they can be assigned to one or more team members with a single click of the mouse. Comments and files can also be added to each task so that members have all the necessary information available anytime they need it. In addition. Prowork offers a chat option to facilitate additional communication when necessary. This functional and effective app is rounded out with a dashboard that allows members to visually track project progress and recent activity.

“Concerned with the cost and the learning curve, small businesses often avoid project management and collaboration software. Unbeknownst to them, it is costing them thousands of dollars in lost opportunities ” said Siamak Farah, CEO of InfoStreet. “We’re excited to partner with Prowork to bring our SkyDesktop users an easy to use yet effective way of collaborating on projects and increasing the overall company efficiency.”

Prowork is coming soon to the SkyAppMarket and will provide SkyDesktop users a free 14 day trial. Extended versions, with additional features and room for more employees, will also be available.


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