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InfoStreet Offers Smart Tasks for Small Business


TARZANA, Calif. (June 17, 2008) - InfoStreet Inc. (, creator of the popular Web-based IT and Productivity software suite, StreetSmart, today announced Version 4 of its Tasks management software, Smart Tasks. The newly enhanced business workflow application delivers small businesses significant productivity increases through easier yet more effective management of day-to-day employee activities.

This major rollout reflects a larger move by InfoStreet to aggressively provide "Big Business Software and Services" to the small business sector at prices they are comfortable with.

"We're obsessed with efficiency because we truly understand that our small business clients want and need to maximize productivity in every way possible," explains Julie Ann Burns, director of marketing at InfoStreet. "Across all industries, resources are tight and competition is fierce; so services that provide real operational advantages, in a cost effective manner, are beyond critical.

Smart Tasks offers our clients a new and powerful approach to monitoring, maintaining and controlling the activity pipeline as well as improving communication and accountability."

With Smart Tasks, critical activity is captured and prioritized, making important lost or forgotten tasks a thing of the past. All tasks are kept online for secure anytime, anywhere access. In addition, the powerful historical record of each task which can contain the input of multiple team members enables quick orientation and provides a reminder of the reasoning and desired results of each activity.

Key Features of StreetSmart's Smart Tasks Application:

Simple Task Creation
Easily create tasks for yourself or for other people to help keep track of important to-do's.

Task Fluidity
StreetSmart tasks are fluid and easily move between people to mimic natural workflow. For example, if someone creates a task for you, but hasn't provided you with enough information you simply return the task to them and request clarification. Once they provide you with the necessary info they can again return the task to you.

Transparency - Keep People Who Need to Know In the Know
Let managers and coworkers watch over the progression of important tasks regardless of whether they are actually responsible for performing that task. They can either view the task directly or receive convenient notifications as progress occurs.

Stay in Sync
You can sync your StreetSmart Tasks with Outlook, Palm, Pocket PC and Blackberry for quick and easy task management.

Integration with CRM
When necessary associate your tasks with a particular contact.

Determine Urgency
Set priorities like Critical, High, Medium, or Low to help direct the immediacy with which tasks must be accomplished.

Customizable Categories and Types
Define Categories and Types (Sales - Prospective Customers) which you can then associate with your tasks to help specify the nature of the activity and use for tracking purposes

Due Dates and Reminders
Give your tasks due dates and send reminders. The due dates will even appear on your StreetSmart Calendar.

Recurring Tasks
Whenever an activity happens on a regular basis (e.g., quarterly budget report is due) let StreetSmart automatically handle task creation.

Historical Record
Have a completely archived history of your task. Anytime you or somebody else modifies a given task that information is captured providing you with a detailed record of information that can be accessed at any time.

No More Lost Email Requests
Attach important files to your tasks.

Task Reporting
Task reporting on status, priority, category and type (e.g. show me the tasks which have notbeen started and are critical in nature)

Color Coding
Color coding of priorities, types and categories makes for easier visual identification. (e.g., critical tasks appear in red)

Online or Print
Your StreetSmart Tasks are always available with only an Internet connection and a web browser. However you may occasionally want to print your tasks for a more traditional view.

Find it
Powerful filters and search mechanisms make it easy to locate tasks for review.

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