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Make business personal with CakeHR and SkyDesktop

TARZANA, Calif. (2/03/2014) – The team members that make up a business are invaluable. Being that they are the best resources and assets of a company, it’s vital that they are handled with absolute care. In order to grow and nurture a company’s talent, small businesses can implement steps to ensure that employee’s happiness is protected and flourishing. To automate these steps and allow companies to focus on growing business, as opposed to day-to-day Human Resource (HR) activities, InfoStreet Inc., has added CakeHR to the SkyAppMarket, SkyDesktop’s cloud app marketplace. SkyDesktop is a cloud desktop where users can store, manage, and access all of their files and cloud apps in one location, and with one login. CakeHR’s online HR Software is designed to centralize employee data and encourage employee self-service, simplifying the HR demands of the company.

“Without your team, you have no business! As a result, it’s critical that your human resources are handled with as much precision and care as anything else – if not more,” said Siamak Farah, CEO of InfoStreet. “With CakeHR on SkyDesktop, companies can treat their most valuable asset, their employees, as gold.”

With CakeHR, each employee is provided an individual account where they can ask for time off and keep track of accrued vacation days and previous requests. A company-wide shared calendar is accessible by the entire team to ensure everyone’s on the same page. In addition, CakeHR stores supporting documents and limits their visibility based on customizable access rules. CakeHR gives small businesses all of the tools necessary to keep track of employee-related HR information, in a secure, manageable environment.

CakeHR is now available in the SkyAppMarket and offers SkyDesktop users a 30-day free trial. Extended versions, with additional features and room for more employees, are also available.


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