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Challenged with a 70% abandonment rate for your website?

Tarzana, CA (September 28, 2016) - Did you know that over 70% of website users will abandon a website if the content and layout is unattractive?[1].  Some sites look very nice on a desktop, but when it comes to phones and tablets, they do not display well. Businesses without a functional and attractive website lose out on potential customers before these prospects even get a chance to learn about the offering. This is an especially difficult challenge for resource-strapped small businesses who have very little room in their budget for a versatile website, yet they still need to court and foster every prospect. To address this need, SkyDesktop is pleased to announce that Zeendo has joined SkyAppMarket, SkyDesktop’s business app marketplace. SkyDesktop is a cloud desktop where users can store, manage, and access all of their files and cloud apps in one location and with one login. Zeendo’s intuitive builder takes the hassle out of building websites that work on any device and equips small businesses with the ability to create strong, beautiful, and responsive websites easily, without draining valuable resources or their budget.

With Zeendo, users can start building a website within minutes by simply selecting a template from a wide variety of options that are especially designed for over 50 different business categories. Focused on making website building easy and effective, Zeendo also includes features like fully customizable templates with drag-and-drop-editor. Users can intuitively design and bring their website to life, without the having to write a single line of code. For those looking to further customize their templates and who already possess coding knowledge, Zeendo also offers options for full control over HTML and CSS.

“Our goal has always been to help non-technical users create websites that have excellent user-experience.” said Víctor Sánchez, CEO of Zeendo. “Everyone should be able to build a website that’s easy to navigate, search, shop, and browse without emptying their pockets. Thanks to SkyDesktop, we’ll be able to extend Zeendo’s reach to small businesses everywhere.”

Zeendo is rounded out with a large variety of business-driving features that can be included in a website, such as a customizable online store, interactive maps, reliable hosting, website analytics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools, and more. With these features and the large template library, Zeendo makes it easy to build a strong and attractive website.

“As a small business, your website is your first impression, your prospector, and often your salesperson. It has to be not only gorgeous, but user-friendly and responsive as well. This is where you can’t choose one of Form or Function, you need both.” stated Siamak Farah, CEO of InfoStreet. “With SkyDesktop and Zeendo, you now have an affordable and connected solution that makes it easy to build a strong website that will impress and function well, no matter what device it’s viewed on.”

Zeendo is now available in the SkyAppMarket and offers SkyDesktop users a 30-day free trial. Extended versions, with additional features and room for more users are also available.


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