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Tarzana, CA, (December 13, 2016) - For small businesses, especially startups, having a productive and efficient team is crucial to success. When resources are tight and deadlines tighter, nothing matters more than making sure that your entire team is at the height of its productivity. This is best achieved by ensuring that employees have access to top-notch apps and solutions. However, without guidance, the sheer number of apps to choose from can be overwhelming. To help small businesses choose the very best and most relevant apps, InfoStreet is proud to announce the introduction of three SkyDesktop Starter Bundles, equipped and priced to fit any business:

Each bundle is a collection of essential small business apps that go above and beyond to empower vital areas of a business. Businesses can not only create a strong software foundation based on increased productivity, but they also gain the flexibility to adjust and grow over time, all while keeping everything easily accessible and in one location.

The SkyDesktop Starter Bundles assist in communicating with clients or coworkers; collaborating on projects with the team; efficiently managing deadlines; staying on top of customer relationships; invoicing clients instantly; keeping sensitive information and documents secure; as well as much more. Once you have chosen your Starter Bundle of choice you can pick additional apps as you need them.

Every single app offered is consolidated into one single platform, SkyDesktop, making the management of apps and users easy and efficient, a must for growing businesses.

“Employees are the most valuable resource of every small business. To ensure success, it behooves business owners to equip them with the best apps that they can.” states CEO, Siamak Farah. “Now, with the SkyDesktop Starter Bundles, small businesses have access to the perfect selection of apps at an incredibly affordable rate. We’re helping set everyone up for success from the CEO and all the way down to the summer intern.”

SkyDesktop is a proven and effective in-browser cloud platform for small businesses that can be accessed by any device with a browser and an internet connection. Businesses will also gain full access to SkyDesktop’s business app marketplace, SkyAppMarket. SkyDesktop streamlines user management for small businesses. Adding new hires, granting or limiting access for contractors or consultants, all can easily be done with one login and only a few clicks. Businesses finally have the much sought after flexibility they need with their cloud solution to grow and change without limitations.

About Us

InfoStreet is a cloud app provider focused on helping small businesses win. Its flagship products; SkyDesktop, an online desktop for app management, and SkyAppMarket, an app marketplace of the best cloud apps[J4], enable clients to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and facilitate business growth. InfoStreet’s products are all cloud-based and can be used anytime, anywhere, and from any device. To learn more about how InfoStreet can help with running your business or to learn about becoming an integral partner with us, please contact InfoStreet at 1.844.499.APPS  (1.844.499.2777).

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