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Category: Marketing, Research, Automation

Create your first custom workflow and automation app in minutes with Qrvey


Simple, Yet Mighty

Qrvey is a no-code application builder that enables professionals with no technical skills to quickly and easily create applications to process data that triggers automated workflows. Qrvey was founded in 2015 by Arman Eshraghi, who had the vision to empower users, with or without technical skills, to create their ideal app and data solutions for their unique needs.


On top of being a survey builder, that includes quizzes, polls and a variety of other form templates, Qrvey also includes easy-to-read data, full customization, automation integration, with OEM options.


Simple Data Analysis

No need to go through hoops to find specific results. There’s one simple and visually appealing dashboard of analytics at your fingertips.

Full Customization

There’s a variety of template choices and other options to make your applications your own. Create quizzes, checklists, polls and much more.

No Coding Required

Use an existing template or create a web form using the smart point-and-click feature. Qrvey is designed for those with no technical skills.

Data Integration

Sync apps such as Google Docs, Salesforce, Marketo, Zapier and other APIs for smoother workflows.

Automated Workflow

Get automated actions and trigger alerts based on results to better understand the customer journey and to reduce manual oversight.

OEM Capability

Seamlessly embed Qrvey forms onto your website or mobile apps. Users can label and market the form as their own to better fit their needs.

Additional Add-ons & Bundles

In addition to creating forms, analytics, workflow automation and app integration, you can also add text analysis, segment analysis and several more features to enhance your workflow and research.


Qrvey is mobile-first and is fully responsive on any device.

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