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Category: Marketing, Research and Analytics

Get the feedback you need, quickly and easily.


Survey Rock makes it easy to create your own survey or poll with the click of a button.

Currently used in almost 200 countries worldwide, SurveyRock was designed to be universal. Gather feedback in almost every major language used in the modern day world.


SurveyRock is very easy to use, but we all need a little help every once in a while. The SurveyRock team, in tandem with our team here at SkyOne, offer step-by-step help to get you where you need to be. You can reach us by email and find training and support links along the bottom of every page within the app. Aside from world-class support, SurveyRock offers a wide variety of features, including:



Variety of Question Types

Choose from every type of question to gather the best feedback - multiple choice, text, numbers only, matrix and rating scale.

“If This, Then That” Survey Logic

When you need personalized feedback, use the Survey Logic tool. For example, a respondent who answers that they have a cat can be taken to a different question than a respondent who answers that they have a dog. SurveyRock has created PagePath and QuestionPath to help you determine the outcomes of each possible scenario for your respondents.

Embed a YouTube or Vimeo Video

Sometimes, it’s best to have your respondents watch a video and then provide feedback to questions. SurveyRock makes this easy to accomplish by allowing you to easily embed a video into your survey.

Real-Time Reporting

Get insights and reports from your surveys in real time through SurveyRock’s built-in analytics. This makes it easy to monitor and track the success of your survey or poll without having to wait.

Cross-tabulation Reporting

This makes your reporting easier to find correlations between answers. You can analyze multiple choice answers for multiple questions. For example, people who’ve selected their gender in the first question, will then show their answer for the next question asking what their favorite ice cream is. You will be able to see, using cross-tabulation, which gender tends to like which ice cream.

Distribution - Links and HTML Embed

Create a unique link to blast out to customers via email or social media with just a few clicks, or copy/paste the HTML onto your website. You’ll also have the option to add a start/end date to your survey, as well as limit the number of people who are allowed to take it.

Aesthetic Customization

Premium account holders gain access to all features, including the ability to add your logo to your survey. White Labeling by adding your logo will make your survey or poll look more professional. Instead of spending precious time creating the survey from scratch, choose one of SurveyRock’s many templates or create your own.

Print Survey to PDF

Premium account holders can now print one page of their survey or poll or choose to export the entire thing via PDF.

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