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Siamak Farah,CEO of InfoStreet, is set to speak at Softletter's SaaS University Boston Conference on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud application marketing, selling, infrastructure and financing on Wednesday, November 10. The SaaS University Conference series is recognized as the most comprehensive program in the industry and as a knowledgebase on successfully launching and running a SaaS firm and/or transitioning to SaaS from a licensed model.
InfoStreet Inc. this week announces that their flagship software, StreetSmart (a fully managed, on-demand, IT software suite) is receiving an upgrade to its Address Book application. The new upgrade, called Address Book 4.0 is due in large part to client demand for a highly-scaled back CRM system. In addition, users continue to have the freedom that come with anytime, anywhere access to all of their important contacts as well as the security of knowing that their crucial data is centralized and routinely backed up. As Web-delivered software, this enhancement will be instantly available to all current (and future) users.
On agenda is presenting Lessons from the Field: Putting Practical Best Practices in SaaS Customer Retention, Cash Management, and Executive Leadership
InfoStreet Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of a free calendaring and conferencing service,StreetSmart Meeting permanent conference call numbers so people can start conferences without having to be next to a computer to schedule the call. This feature allows for impromptu calls with colleagues without the hassle of setting up a specific event just to have a group call.
InfoStreet Inc., ( SaaS pioneer and provider of StreetSmart, an online small business management software suite, offers one less worry to companies switching to Windows 7. The company's StreetSmart platform works across any operating system (Windows, Linux or Mac), so users don't have to worry about compatibility issues or work slowdowns due to new software upgrades. Companies that rely on client side software/hardware to manage their IT tools are forced to give up time and resources when moving over to a new operating system, but not InfoStreet users.
InfoStreet Inc., ( SaaS pioneer and provider of StreetSmart, a suite of Web-based, small business management software, today rolled out their latest feature enhancement to their popular software, integrated conference calling. With virtual meetings on the rise due to the tight economic climate, conference calling is fast becoming a de rigueur part of day-to-day business. As such, InfoStreet will now offer a conference calling platform that is integrated into their Calendar application - for ultimate convenience and easier workflow. This service will be provided at no extra charge.
InfoStreet Inc., (InfoStreet Inc.) SaaS pioneer and provider of StreetSmart, a suite of Web-based, IT productivity software, today discloses sample installation and operating costs of their solution vis-a-vis a typical Exchange Server alternative. In this difficult economy, InfoStreet wishes to draw attention to the cost-saving benefits afforded by its Web-delivered business software. This approach is especially useful to small- to mid-sized startups looking for an extensible yet affordable solution that can grow with them and offer the benefits of SmartApps and anytime/anywhere access.
InfoStreet Inc., ( SaaS pioneer and provider of StreetSmart, a suite of Web-based, IT productivity software, today announced - the Platinum Move In Special. This special introduces the cost saving benefits of SaaS and StreetSmart to small businesses everywhere with zero risk, by providing each potential client with a dedicated Launch Manager.
InfoStreet Inc., ( SaaS pioneer and provider of StreetSmart, a suite of Web-based, IT productivity software, announced today that it is responding to market demand for improved workplace efficiencies with an enhanced software suite that will target small- to mid-sized businesses. Much as email has become an absolute
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