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Great news for small business owners! InfoStreet is now offering new business bundles that include the most trusted productivity apps for your small business: Office 365 Bundle, G Suite Bundle, and SkyOne Starter Bundle.

Each of these bundles are comprised of unique and powerful apps to fulfill the different needs of businesses, for any kind of industry they’re in.

So, without further ado, we’d like to take a moment to introduce you to each bundle.

Office 365 Bundle

Our Office 365 Bundle offers 22 Microsoft Office 365 plans you can choose from to fit your specific business needs, along with other trusted apps such as Weebly (a powerful web builder), Qrvey (survey builder), and Norton Security Online (online security system).

All the Microsoft Office 365 plans we offer include the apps businesses have trusted for many years like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, and OneDrive. OneDrive’s cloud storage lets your team save their work, client documents, and business files on the cloud so they can be easily accessed.

Office 365 also has team collaboration apps such as Project Online and Skype Business. They will help ensure that everyone on the team is on the same page when it comes to daily tasks and long-term projects.

All the Office 365 plans we offer are licensed for commercial use, has a maximum number of 300 users, and include InfoStreet’s free dedicated support. All productivity apps can be accessed on computers, tablets, and phones.

With our Office 365 Bundle, you can rest assured that your business operations will run smoothly and the team will stay productive.

Below are the three most popular Microsoft Office 365 plans among small businesses.

Office 365 Business

Office 365 Business is the basic plan where Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are available in desktop and web versions. Access, OneNote, and Publisher are also included, but only in desktop versions. This plan also allows your business to install the Office 365 productivity apps in 5 phones, 5 tablets, and 5 PCs or Macs. Plus, you get to have 1 TB of OneDrive file storage.

Office 365 Business Premium

The second popular option is Office 365 Business Premium. It has all the features included in Office 365 Business, plus email hosting services with 50 GB storage and custom email addresses powered by Microsoft Exchange Server.

You also get Outlook in the web version, plus more team collaboration and productivity apps like Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams. SharePoint is your business-wide intranet server, while Teams is your communications platform.

Office 365 Business Premium also will give you access to Outlook Customer Manager, as well as more Microsoft productivity apps like Bookings and Planner.

Office Business Essentials

This Office Business Essentials plan is the best for online businesses that have no physical office. Instead, they employ remote team members who have their own MS Office productivity apps installed on their laptop or desktop. This plan doesn’t include the email client Outlook.

This plan has most features in Office 365 Business Premium, but only in web versions. It’s well-equipped for online team collaboration and maximum productivity for e-commerce sites, blog sites, and consultation businesses. The number of license for this plan is 5 for phones and 5 for tablets.

G Suite Bundle

We can’t make a list of the best productivity apps for your small business without mentioning Google. The company that used to be just a search engine is now your ultimate provider of cloud and apps for businesses.

G Suite has a collection of Google productivity apps that allow for easy collaboration and communication for team members. All of these apps are cloud-based and accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Depending on your business needs, you can choose from G Suite Basic and G Suite Business, along with additional apps that come in the bundle, such as Norton Security Online, Weebly, and Qrvey. This bundle also includes InfoStreet’s free dedicated support

G Suite Basic

This plan provides the productivity essentials that small businesses need. G Suite Basic gives your team access to Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms.

G Suite Basic also includes Google Drive, which can be your team’s central cloud storage for all business-related files and documents, as well as Google Sites – your business website’s web page creation tool.

Subscribing to G Suite Basic will give each of your team members 30 GB of cloud storage shared between all the productivity apps.

G Suite Business

If your small business has five team members or more and you want unlimited cloud storage, then G Suite Business is the plan for you. This plan allows your team members to access all Google productivity apps, and takes secured data retention to a whole new level.

G Suite Business gives you access to Google Vault. This important feature allows you to store, search, and export all of the data in your G Suite such as files, Docs, emails, and more. You also get advanced Google Drive Admin controls, auditing, and report creation.

SkyOne Starter Bundle

For an emerging business or solopreneur, a large product with many productivity apps may not yet be what you need. Staying organized and being efficient is still a necessity to grow.

That’s why we’ve created SkyOne, a secure online workplace that unifies the essential apps every business needs to smooth out day-to-day operations. It comes with an App Market, where you can try, buy and manage a variety of business apps. SkyOne only needs one password to access all your account’s apps, you only receive one invoice for all those apps and features, and just like the Office 365 and G Suite bundles, includes InfoStreet’s free dedicated support.

Subscribing to SkyOne Starter Bundle will give your growing team a more convenient and productive way of doing work. This bundle includes all of SkyOne’s signature apps that will let you check your email, organize your team, store and share information, and delegate tasks in a single location.

SkyOne Email

One of the most important apps for business communications. SkyOne Email combines the components of a business-class webmail, an advanced SPAM-filtering system, and a powerful virus protection. Get more business mobility and better team communication for a lower cost with SkyOne Email.

SkyOne Tasks

From daily routines to long-term projects, small businesses have a lot of tasks to accomplish to keep the game going. To help you distribute and keep track of different tasks, we have SkyOne Tasks. A productivity app to keep your team organized, SkyOne Tasks will ensure that all tasks and projects are completed according to the target date.

SkyOne Calendar

Being efficient with your time is a large factor to your company’s success. SkyOne Calendar keeps everyone organized by sharing calendars and syncing to SkyOne Tasks for task reminders and alerts.

SkyOne Knowledge Base

This productivity tool is your company's database, where critical company information can be stored and accessed by key stakeholders. No need for verbal data transfer. With SkyOne Knowledge Base, all team members will have convenient access to the right company data and be more efficient at work.

SkyOne Address Book

Another essential productivity app included in the SkyOne Starter Bundle is SkyOne Address Book. Organize contact information of your company’s customers, suppliers, and stakeholders in a single online location. Access them online anytime and from any device with SkyOne Address Book.

SkyOne Employee Directory

Connect with your team quickly and easily wherever they are with SkyOne Employee Directory. With SkyOne Employee Directory, you can save, access, update important employee phone numbers or email addresses in the cloud.

Save Money and Grow Your Business with InfoStreet

Choose from Office 365 Bundle, G Suite Bundle, and SkyOne Starter Bundle to not only increase productivity, but to also create a workplace that encourages collaboration, effective communication, and team mobility.

Enjoy InfoStreet’s dedicated support, which comes with all of these bundles for free.

Contact our team today and find out which bundle will help your small business grow.