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Having a CRM is crucial for any business, small or large. CRMs are there to help your sales and customer success team create long lasting relationships with clients and partners. However, a CRM tool is not a miraculous product that will simply increase sales overnight. In this article, we discuss 4 points to keep in mind on why you need a CRM for your small businesses.
Entrepreneurs are problem solvers. Arguably, that’s why they started their company. They saw a problem, looked for a fix, and, when none was found, they said: “Somebody ought to do that”. I strongly believe that every person’s strongest trait is also their greatest weakness. In the case of the entrepreneur, that same problem-solving spirit can be the cause of their doom.
Many small businesses are challenged with several areas of marketing. Especially, not knowing where or how to start. Recently, I met up with a friend who is about to launch a new service. However, when we discussed her marketing, her strategy was all over the place. In fact, it was hardly a strategy any marketer would recognize. She wanted to ‘just get the word out’ and wanted to solely focus on sending newsletters to a list she had as her marketing.
Here’s a little known secret: You no longer need an expensive website designer or agency to build you a great website. In fact, nowadays you don’t need to know how to code to build a jaw-dropping, gorgeous website. All you simply need is a cloud-based website builder. If you are a small business with a limited budget and design capabilities, website builders are a great option.
In this Q&A with NativeSociety, InfoStreet CEO Siamak Farah shares his thoughts on emerging trends in cloud industry, leadership insight, and his journey as an entrepreneur. Siamak also gives us his insights on IoT, PoT, and SoT, as well as his most difficult moment in business, and the importance of being honest with everyone, first starting with your self.
In this interview with The Foundation, Sia shares his journey of how he learned every facet of running a software company, from his time at Next Computers to starting his own web-based operating system. Sia gives us his insights on automation, being ahead of “the cloud” curve, and implementing the lattice management structure to empower his team’s passion.
When coordinating schedules, collaborating on cases, or handling data in any capacity, cloud computing offers flexibility, scalability, and mobility. As with any new technology, agencies will need to consider new policies and best practices for its use, but it’s clear that the cloud is quickly becoming a standard tool for many industries, including law enforcement.
Many small businesses struggle with managing their productivity while working against the clock; there is never enough time to get everything done! So what can you do stop your business or get your business (or even yourself) out of a productivity black hole? Start with implementing small thought-out changes.
Forget the bigger stores and their early door buster and Black Friday deals this Thanksgiving weekend. This is the year of the small business. Welcome to Small Business Saturday, taking place November 28, the first day in the Holiday season devoted specifically to promoting small business retailers and showing everyone just how important shopping locally is.
InfoStreet Founder Siamak Farah discusses InfoStreet's missions, successes, and the future of the cloud, as well as his own past working with Steve Jobs on Computer America.
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