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We’re excited to announce the launch of SurveyRock in SkyOne's App Market.

SurveyRock is a free customer feedback app that gives business owners a super easy way to create custom surveys and polls. SurveyRock is currently being used in almost 200 countries worldwide, and is designed to be a universal solution for businesses looking to get into the minds of their customers to provide better service.

One of SurveyRock’s notable features include “if this, then that” survey logic to encourage more personalized and accurate feedback. Its PagePath and QuestionPath determines the next stream of questions to determine every possibility for every scenario.

Another important feature, which is included in the Premium plan, is its cross-tabulation reporting. This allows you to analyze multiple choice answers for more than one question. For example, people who’ve selected their gender for the first question, will then show their answer for the following question to see if there’s any correlations.

Our team recently completed an in-depth review of SurveyRock’s core features, which can be found here.

SurveyRock can be found in our App Market. There’s a free plan and a Premium paid plan.

You can reach out to our support team by email, or take the DIY approach by checking out some of the training material that can be found at the bottom of every page within the app.

The InfoStreet Team