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Small Business Startup
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 Edmundo Daco Jr. & Jessica Barrera
2019 is officially here and in case you missed the chance to make a business investment last year, don’t worry. this year has even more potential for profitable ventures. There are many emerging small business industries where you can build startups and we listed them down for you.


Online shopping is very popular around the world. Why? Because it’s more convenient and products are cheaper compared to the ones sold in a physical store. That’s the reason why Amazon and Alibaba belong to the 2018 top 10 largest companies in the world by market value. Opening an e-commerce store this year is a good idea. Just make sure to target a specific niche so your business will have few competitions.


As with the rise in E-Commerce companies, so is the need for shipping or courier services. Online sellers will not succeed without delivering their goods to the buyers. They need to partner with a shipping or courier company to do so, and it’s the reason why shipping is one of the best business industries to create a startup this year.

Web Development

If you are a business, then having a website is practically mandatory these days. This has become a given in whichever industry you’re in.

Web development is comprised of all businesses that offer services related to the creation and maintenance of websites. These include front-end developers for website engineer, design, and content creation; as well as back-end developers who do the programming and coding.

Web development also involves the integration of web applications, social network services, and e-commerce stores. In this digital age where digital marketing is a key factor in business growth, a website is more important than ever. That’s why web development is one of the 2019 top small business industries.

Professional Web Services

One of the 2019 top small business industries encompasses all services related to website development. It includes translation services, video editing, digital photography, blog content creation, web hosting, and many others.

According to Mill for Business, there are more than 171 million active websites as of January 2018. Aside from these, 380 new websites are built per minute. Just imagine how big the market is in the web services industry today. This alone is enough reason to build a startup in this industry.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing surrounds all marketing efforts done in the digital realm. This includes all marketing strategies that can be done over the web, such as email marketing, social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), affiliate marketing, online surveys, and paid ads.

The digital marketing industry, just like web development, has huge potential because of the sheer number of active websites. It’s also not limited to businesses that provide digital marketing expertise, but also include developers of marketing software.


The advancement in digital technology has created job opportunities all over the world. It has greatly benefited humanity. However, it has also paved the way to the creation of malware and other cyber threats that will hack important data on your website or personal online accounts.
This is the reason why cybersecurity is booming and among the 2019 top small business industries. Cyber risks may increase further in the coming years and the developments of cybersecurity software like Norton Security Online is the best shield that people can use to protect their sensitive personal information.

Renewable Energy

If you are looking for a good startup business, renewable energy is a great choice of industry for several reasons. For one, the renewable energy business has been steadily growing since the decline of costs related to production. Renewable energies like solar and wind power are now affordable, hence why many countries around the world are now making great efforts to go green. Another reason, and probably the best one, is that you need not worry that your energy sources will run out.

Gaming Industry

Since the emergence of computers, game development hasn’t slowed down and we don’t see it happening in the near future. With today’s popularity of gaming apps on mobile devices, creating a startup in the gaming industry is a no-brainer. In particular, game developers should focus on virtual reality apps. It’s the trending tech in the last few years and gamers are craving for new VR products.

Elder Care

Elder care is one of the small business industries that has a great potential. It will continue to be profitable until 2030, when the entire baby boomer generation is at a senior age. In general, baby boomers are wealthier than the generation before, allowing them to afford the cost for health and welfare services. However, don’t start an assisted living home. Make an in-home elder care service instead, especially if you live in the U.S. Based on research conducted by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), almost 90% or elderlies want to continue living at home.


Storage service is one of the most popular upcoming business industries in America. Those who own large parcels of land build storage units that they can rent out to homeowners who need extra space to keep their belongings. Self-storage businesses are especially popular among families doing home renovations or moving to new properties.

These top small business industries should give you excellent ideas on which are the best startup businesses for this year. With creativity and hard work, mixed with the right business apps and cloud-based programs, you’ll have a successful small business that will remain competitive in this digital age.