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The Future of Business Apps Will Be Here In An Internet Minute

"App Mania" has taken over! Did you know the average SMB uses 5-15 apps daily?

Here's how automation will make app management more efficient for SMB's...


Multiple Products to Browse

Researching and watching product demos can take a large chunk of time away from more important tasks.

FACT: One SaaS product demo lasts an average of 47 minutes!

Multiple Passwords to Remember

Each new account requires a new password, and now all passwords require the same security level (which can lead to those frustrating password recovery emails).

FACT: About 37% of people forget a password at least once a week.

Multiple Bills To Pay

Do you pay app subscriptions monthly? Annually? How many different invoices do you receive each month? MAJOR HEADACHE!

Multiple Support Lines To Navigate

Each app has a different support structure. Should you call? Should you email? Text? The amount of time spent getting support from one app can take houses away from more productive work.

FACT: It can take an average of 82 hours to resolve a tech issue for one app.

Multiple Online Work Portals

Each app has its own dashboard or cloud space to work. Think of it as working in 5 to 15 different offices at once!

But app management doesn't have to be this way. Here's how the future of app management will look.


One Business App Store

Save time by reducing the number of Google searches and demos it takes for you to find the right biz tool.

One Password For All Your Apps

Future systems will require one password to access all of the apps in your master account. This means less forgetting and resetting, and more productivity.

One Bill To Pay

The convenience of only having to pay one invoice for all of your apps means less stress on your Accounting department.

One Support Team

Spend less time listening to hold music, navigating automated phone operators, submitting support tickets and troubleshooting via online help centers. Call one support team for help and get back to work.

One Central Location

Instead of having to keep several tabs open to finish a project, login to one location and use all of your apps in one place.

Ready to tackle "App Mania" and start on a new path to more efficient app management? Click here to learn more about SkyOne!

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