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 Jessica Barrera
Project management is one of the essentials to the success or failure of your company. On top of all that’s involved to owning your business, you still have to keep track of your team’s projects, tasks and looming deadlines. At times, you may have to wear 10 different hats at once.

So how do you manage and organize your team when things get overwhelming?

Cloud computing for small businesses is nothing new these days, yet many business owners still haven’t seemed to grasp the real benefits of it. The cloud and cloud apps allow the convenience and flexibility needed to finish a large project on time, by seamlessly connecting the team and organizing everything involved. The cloud can be a huge win for you and your team.
Although there are countless reasons why your business should already be on the cloud, here are the 4 specific ways that the cloud organizes you and your team.


1) Team cohesion. Anywhere. Any time.

It doesn’t matter where you are, apps such as SkyOne Conference Calling lets you organize conference calls with your team, or with clients, by using its calendar integration system. As long as you have a phone or internet, you can host conference meetings to ensure productivity doesn’t decrease in case you are absent.


2) Allocate More Time and Energy to the Task at Hand

When there is one central place your entire team can work and store projects on, the need to check in with your staff, possibly disrupting their productivity, becomes less of a necessity. Real-time editing and sharing saves time for everyone. Your team doesn't need to take time out of their project to meet, create status reports and run ideas by you, and you don't need to take time away from growing your business for trivial meetings.

With the many easy-to-use task management cloud apps available, such as SkyOne Tasks, you can receive status updates on a regular basis, while being able to view the work in progress.


3) Better Team Collaboration

Bringing your entire team together in one place allows for improved communication and stronger team unity. When new ideas simultaneously flow during a project, everyone involved can have a clearer vision on how the approach will be.

Google's G Suite, with all of its different tools and massive storage space, is a great way to enhance cohesion. No more missed communication and files, or making sure that everyone is on the same page.


4) Save Money

This reason is a no-brainer for business owners. Most cloud apps these days are pay-as-you-go. Instead of paying an expensive lump sum for software licenses, that can usually only be used on one device and offer features that certain team members may never actually use, you can choose to stop paying the monthly fee for the cloud app at any time or change the type of plan based on the specific needs of certain staff.

Voila! Flexibility at its finest for your growing business.

Organizing your team is by far one of the most crucial components to making your business succeed. When everyone can work harmoniously on a project, more room for inspiration opens, allowing for more growth on all fronts of your business. You can never get back the time, energy and money that may have been spent before adapting to the cloud, but you can take back control of your project management by signing up for a free SkyOne account.