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 Edmundo Daco Jr. & Jessica Barrera
The survey has always been an essential tool for different business strategies. It generates valuable information that can be used for product development, market research, lead generation, and to improve customer service. In this digital age, large enterprises do surveys online, and it’s proven to be effective and efficient.  If you own a small business, then you should follow suit. There are many advantages of online surveys for small businesses that can be beneficial when engaging with your target audience.

More Accurate Data

The old survey methods are unreliable and prone to human error, while online surveys yield more accurate results. That’s because the survey data will not undergo any manual handling. Your respondents or target consumers’ feedbacks will go directly into a database on the web, which leaves a smaller margin of error.

Quick Analytics and Reporting Capabilities

Online survey tools have programs that automatically analyze the data entered into the system and show real-time results. This is one of the best advantages of online surveys for small businesses. They can easily generate reports and visual representations of data, like pie charts and bar graphs. Many online survey tools, like SurveyRock, even offer cross tabulation reporting to examine relationships between variables. Most survey apps also integrate statistical numbers like mean, median, and mode to survey reports.

Time Efficient

Unlike traditional data collecting methods, which can take a while to be completed, online survey tools have integrated systems that will save you time. You can easily create questionnaires with customizable templates and question formats. They also let you add surveys to social media posts and emails to make it as easy as possible for respondents. Online survey apps like Qrvey find respondents faster by directly integrating surveys into your website so visitors can take part in them. Also, responses to your surveys will be automatically collected, requiring no effort from you at all.

Reduced Costs

Another one of the many advantages of online surveys for small businesses is reduced administration cost. They eliminate costs from old survey methods, such as expenditures on paper, printing, distribution, telephone bills, and manual labor. Online surveys can be easily created and distributed online by your existing Customer Service or Marketing teams and, you can get basic subscriptions to some online survey apps for FREE.

Increased Response Rate

One big problem when administering surveys is the response rate, and let’s face it, who wants to waste their time answering questions, right? But getting a high response rate is important if you want to achieve your business goals. With an online survey, you can get better engagement because it’s easier and more convenient for people to answer surveys online. They can answer whenever they want to and can take their time completing the surveys. You can also include surveys in personalized emails. By doing this, respondents will be keen to complete the survey because they feel important to your business.

A Wider Reach

The more respondents you get, the better your survey results will be. To do so, you need to reach a wider population. Online surveys will do that for you. Since they are available over the internet, people all over the world will be able to access them with just one click. Aside from this, most online survey tools can generate questionnaires in different languages. This will make sure that respondents will understand your survey, whatever their nationalities may be.

All these advantages of online surveys will help your company accomplish whatever business strategy it may have. That’s why you need to consider leaving the old methods behind and utilizing the different survey tools available on the web. The feedback of your customers or chosen respondents is essential to your company’s growth.