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 Edmundo Daco Jr. & Jessica Barrera
Everyone wants to have a work-life balance, even entrepreneurs. The reality? Business owners can't expect to divide their time equally between work and personal life. Owning and operating small businesses is a 24/7 job, particularly for those with newly built companies. But there are ways to achieve entrepreneur work-life balance, and these tips will give you a kickstart.

1. Delegate or Outsource

One common mistake of budding entrepreneurs is trying to do everything on their own. If you’re doing this right now, then it’s time to stop and start delegating some tasks to your team. Being an all-around business owner sounds ideal, but you really can’t do it all. Saving funds on an employee salary, for instance, also sounds nice, but doing this defeats the purpose of being a business owner.

Remember that the beauty of being an entrepreneur is the ability to leverage your time. It lets you earn money while doing what you really enjoy, like spending time with your family. The trick is to make your money work for you. It’s one of the best ways to achieve a work-life balance. Focus on your job as a business owner, and then delegate everything else to team members who are experts at what they do.

If you need to, you can outsource some tasks like payroll, HR services, and customer service. This way, the time devoted to business operations will be enough to cover the essentials. It means that you don’t have to sacrifice your personal time to make sure that everything is working well with your business.

2. Be More Efficient

Another way to get an entrepreneur work-life balance is being efficient while you’re at work. Sounds like a no-brainer, but doing so will ensure that your personal time will not be spent on delayed meetings or unfinished work.

You can be more efficient in two ways. One is to be more organized with your day to day activities. Have a plan or itinerary of what you need to do and stick to it, while leaving a bit of cushion room for spontaneous meetings and tasks. Create a calendar to organize your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks and projects. There’s an awful lot of things that a business owner has to do, so you need to be organized to be more efficient. There are tons of calendar apps and project management tools to keep you on track.

The second way is to avoid procrastination. Many people experience this, entrepreneurs and employees alike. Plain and simple, procrastination only adds more delays at work, which results in the loss of more personal time. So, always put an urgency to what you do and finish your tasks on time, at the very least.

3. Say 'No' Once in a While

If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s natural to grab every business opportunity that’ll come your way. Potential client meetings, more projects, and new business ideas — all of these are very tempting. It’s hard to pass over something that will make your business grow.

Not all of these opportunities will be worth the time and energy that you could be spending with your family, friends, and yourself. Quality over quantity is the idea to stick with. Being selective with your business choices will save you a lot of headaches down the road.

That’s why saying ‘No’ every now and then is a healthy habit that you must learn and do. This is a big step towards achieving a work-life balance. It’ll take some effort, but it will be worth it. Doing so will give you a breather and get you reenergized before the next business project.

4. Be Mobile

Do you need to stay at home for some reason? With today’s technologies, you can afford to be away from the office and still oversee your business activities. A laptop and an internet connection are all you need to use cloud-based platforms and apps for small businesses.

Many apps are also mobile friendly. G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 plans offer business productivity apps that can be used on any device. Both have a complete collection of cloud-based apps to make collaboration and communication easier for your team.

Thanks to the cloud, it is now possible to be hands-on with your business, but not miss important family occasions and gatherings. Cloud technology is a great tool for entrepreneur work-life balance.

5. Give Yourself a Break

Now that you’ve figured out how to be efficient with your time and to be mobile with your business, it’s time to devote some quality time to your life. Plan a camping trip, visit a country in Europe, or spend a weekend at the beach. Do the activities that you enjoy, like going out with friends, revisiting a hobby, or attending self-improvement classes.

The point is, don’t forget to take a break. No matter how busy you are as an entrepreneur; you must make a conscious effort to take it easy from time to time.

6. Learn From the Masters

You can get more tips on achieving entrepreneur work-life balance by learning from successful entrepreneurs. For example, Virgin Conglomerate Founder Sir Richard Branson said that his secret in maintaining an entrepreneur work-life balance is working from home. “I lived in a houseboat when my kids were young. I was building Virgin. They were fooling around. I changed a nappy and I’d be on the phone,” he said.

“It’s critical to get the balance between work and play right. Find time for yourself; work hard but also play hard”, Branson added. He even encourages his employees to do the same. “I’m a great believer in people working from home. I encourage our staff if they want to work from home,” he said.

On the other hand, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said that he views work-life balance as more of a circle. "It actually is a circle; it's not a balance. And I think that is worth everybody paying attention to it," he said.

Bezos said in an interview, “In fact, if I'm happy at work, I'm better at home — a better husband and a better father. And if I'm happy at home, I come into work more energized — a better employee and a better colleague”.

7. Use Time-Saving Technologies

If you are a business owner, these tips will help you achieve the work-life balance that’ll ultimately make you happier overall.

The easiest first step towards this is to use the available technologies that will save time while working, like Skyone. It’s a cloud-based platform that unifies essential business web apps to a single location in the cloud — with only one password to maintain, one monthly bill to pay, and one contract to sign for all the apps you need. SkyOne will make you and your team members tasks much easier and smoother, resulting you to spend less time at work and more time with your family and friends.