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What is the App Market?

The New Way To Shop
for Online Software Applications

Try and buy web applications that work in your SkyOne master account.

We believe you shouldn't have to spend days (or months!) searching Google, reading blogs, doing demos and talking to salespeople when shopping for a new business software.

SkyOne includes an App Market where you can shop for apps, read reviews and make purchases all in one place.

SkyOne's App Market Offers Many of the Apps You Already Know

Adding an App to Your SkyOne Account is Simple and Easy

Step 1
Go to the page for the app
you'd like to buy.
Step 2
Activate the app subscription
by flipping the switch.
Step 3
Fill out your basic information
on any forms that pop up.
The new app has been added
to your SkyOne account.

Now You Can Use and Manage the App in Your SkyOne Account

Request An App

We're working hard to add new apps to the
app market. Requests help us add apps faster.

Market Your App

Tap into SkyOne's powerful marketing channel
and gain new exposure for your web application.